FILEP 2011

FILEP 2011

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IFFEP 2011: Medias and democracy



To reinforce the freedom of speech and of the press in order to ink and to deepen the democracy in Africa, it is the ultimate goal that himself is assigned the International Festival of the freedom of speech and Press (IFFEP) since its creation. For the edition 2011 and in relation with the actuality, the festival is held around the theme “media, election, democracy and governance in Africa”. A permanent fight for an Africa more democratic and more protective of the journalists. 


One knows it, one cannot speak of democracy without efficient freedom of speech to all levels. The medias by their role constitute the channel by which exercises itself this freedom of speech at the same time and also the means of formation of the public opinion on the political, economic and sociocultural stakes. In the achievement of this public interest mission, the journalists are often threatened, jailed and killed even. It is necessary to protect them and to protect their profession for societies from peace, responsibility and equality therefore. It is there the mission of the FILEP. 

Forum of exchanges on the situation of the press liberty and the conditions of exercise of journalist's profession in Africa, the FILEP unites this year of the 23 to November 26 to Ouagadougous, the Associations and Organizations of the Press Publishers in Africa and in the world; the Unions of the Journalists in Africa and elsewhere in the world. has those - are added the members of the Federation African of the Houses and Centers of Press here (FACMP); the representatives of the organizations of the rights of the medias from Africa and besides; the organizations of defense of the human rights and personalities important of the medias. The Festival is also an opportunity offered to debate the necessary tie between liberty of press and deepening of the democracy that, in the practice, pose a problem between journalists and powers of states. 


2011 and 2012 are of the particularly electoral years in Africa, the present edition of the FILEP will not only lead the reflection on the role of the medias in the cover of the elections and in the surveillance of the governance post electoral, but also the contribution of the press in the popularization of the African charter the democracy, the elections and the governance. 


The Festival will also permit to do homage to the African journalists, in particular those that are worried, jailed or murdered in the exercise of their profession; to put in inscription and to encourage the promotions of the freedom of speech, of the human rights, of the state of right and the other aspects of the democracy put to pain in Africa.  

The National Center of Press Norbert Zongo gives you return - you of the 23 to next November 26 in Ouagadougou in Burkina for reflections and the actions of promotion of the freedom of speech and the human rights. 


Activities of the festival   



The symposium: it will serve to deepen the reflections on the violations of the liberty of the Press and on the general situation of the Medias in Africa. The chosen theme is: "Medias, elections, democracy and good governance in Africa". in relation with this theme several under-themes will be treated, discussed as panels by personalities of the medias and the defenders of the human rights. 

The Concert: it is certainly a recreational activity, but to high value sensibilisatrice. It is about organizing a big concert with several committed artists for the reason of the freedom of speech and the Press or no.  

The exhibition will consist in an exhibition of the works in caricatures, drawings or of press photos as to the 3rd edition, that will be able to contribute to sensitize on the theme of the festival. The three (03) better works of every category be excel. 

The club of the press of the FILEP: It is about organizing three or four numbers of the broadcast" Club of the Press" with some of the guests of mark of the FILEP. These broadcasts will be broadcasted in direct and in simultaneous on seven (7) radios partners. 

Projections-proceedings will be the opportunity to create fruitful exchanges around committed movies on the questions of the freedom of speech and the human rights 

The price Norbert Zongo of the Journalism: this price has already been thrown since May 3, 2011 and has been opened to all journalists of Africa. It rewards the best productions in written press, in radio and in television in the journalism of investigating. During the FILEP, an evening official reception will be organized and it will be the opportunity of the discount of the price.  

In margin of this price, of the organizations of medias, the journalists or personalities having promues meaningfully the freedom of speech and of the press could be honored. 

Walked of the equitable trade: This activity had known a success at the time of the second edition. It will be about putting at the disposal of structures and NGO of promotion of the trade and BIO products, of the stands to propose their products and activities.  

Related meetings of the organizations of defense of the medias: The FILEP being par excellence the place of meeting of several international organizations as well as the networks of medias, it could be the opportunity to make the meetings and other meetings in order to win of the time and to save the transportation. The results of all these meetings will be carried to the asset of the FILEP and publish on the Web site.   

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Provisory Programme

international festival OF THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND THE PRESS –iffep 2011


«media, election, democraty and governance in africa»


Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

23 -26 november 2011




Abstract of the theme


The freedom of expression constitutes an essential component for peace, democracy and good governance.  The main role of Medias is to be one of the supports by which this freedom of expression is concretized in the sense that they provide the necessary public opportunity of this freedom of expression. Moreover, they contribute in sensitizing the public opinion on the political, economic,  social and cultural stakes which arise at all levels of the society. 


2011 and 2012 are particularly electoral years in Africa.  What has been and what will be the role of the medias in broadcasting the elections and monitoring the post-electoral governance?  What should be the contribution of the medias in the popularization of the African charter of democracy, elections and  governance? 


From the " Declaration of Atlanta and the strategies to promote the access to information ", adopted in February 2008 by  “the Carter Center”, to the " African Platform on the right of access to information " adopted in Cape town (South Africa) in September 2011, it  seems that the step towards the progressive institutionalization  of a true freedom of expression, became irreversible.  Of course, the  access to information is an integral part of the fundamental human rights related to the freedom of expression, which is essential for the recognition and implementation of the civil, political and socio-economic rights inherent to everybody, and a means of promoting  democracy  and good governance.  What role must the medias and the civil society play to promote and concretize this ideal?                           







DAY 1 / WEDNESDAY 23 novembEr 2011

8.00 – 9.30


-          CNP-NZ


session i

président :

reporter :


9.30 – 10.15

  world’s day against impunity





10 .45 – 11.30

-          The declaration of Table Mountain and its projections

Speaker : OMAR BELOUCHET (Director of EL WATAN)

                     BOUBACAR DIALLO (President of the Press House of Niger)




10.30 – 12.15

-          Will the NTIC, in the long term, replace the oral communication  and the newspaper ?

Speaker : SAMBA KONE, President of the RIAM (Network of the African  Authorities for Self-regulation of the Medias)

12.15 – 13.00

Official opening ceremony and visit of the fair trade market

13.00 – 14.00


14.30 – 16.00

Related meetings :

  2. TAEF
  3. FAMCP


16.30 – 17.30


Speaker : CNP-NZ


Animation and screenings followed by debates at the FESPACO

Speaker : SEMFILMS

dAY 2 / THURSDAY 24 novembEr 2011

Installing participants and guests

9.00 – 9.30


Speakers  :

-          Organizing Committee

-          President of the UJAO in the name of all the organisations  attending the FILEP

9.30 – 10.15

opening speech

Speaker :

-          ABDOULIE JANNEH  Associate Secretary General  of the UNO, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa.

-          Pansy TLAKULA, special reporter for the freedom of expression and the access to information in Africa (African Commission for human rights and people)

Opening speech by His Excellency Mr. Rock Marc Christian KABORE , President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso,




session ii

media, election and governance

president :



preliminary statements  :


Presentation of the African  charter of democracy, elections and the governance

Speaker : Honorable IDRISS NDELE MOUSSA,  President of the Pan African Parliament   


-          Does the African  charter allow the emergence or the construction of developing states in Africa?

Speaker : ABDOULIE JANNEH, Associate Secretary General of the UNO and Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa


-          The responsibility of medias in electoral crisis

Speaker : IBRAHIM SY SAVANE, President of the high authority of the audio-visual communication of Côte D’Ivoire



panel i

élection and démocracy

président :

reporter :


-  How can the African charter contribute to the credibility, the transparency and the equity of electoral processes in Africa? 

Speaker : Professor Luc Ibriga, from the university of Ouagadougou


-   The charter and anti-constitutional changes: theory and reality

Speaker : Professor Augustin LOADA, Executive Director of the CGD (centre for democratic governance)


  -  What role can or must the medias play in order to popularize the values promoted by the  charter?

Speaker : Professor Serges Théophile Balima, from the university of Ouagadougou.






panel ii

media and transparency in Elections

président :

reporter :


-          role of the Medias and the civil society in electoral governance.

Speaker : Professor Mahamade SAWADOGO, from the University of Ouagadougou.


-          The role of the medias in the transparency of elections in Central Africa

Speaker : Professor Marie Soleil Frère


-          The role of the medias in the transparency of elections in West Africa

Speaker : Mahamane  Hamèye CISSE, Director of the newspaper "Le Scorpion"

Deputy Coordinator of the Institute for Democracy and Education with the Medias in Mali (IDEM)           







Screening followed by debates

day 3 /friday 25 november 2011



meditation on the tomb of Norbert Zongo


session iii

the accèss to information

panel i

the african platform on access to information

president : Ms. Faith Pansy Tlakula

reporter :


-          The right to the access of information, an appreciation for democratic governance?

Speaker : Abdoul Karim Sango, Expert in medias laws.


-          Presentation of the Pan African Platform on access to information and its strategies of implementation

Speaker : Fatou Jagne Senghor, Article19



Signature of the APPAI by the Organizations of the Civil Society




panel ii

about a specific law on the access to information

president :

reporter :

11.00 – 12.15

-          Sharing experience on the reality of the access to information with guest countries

-          Viewing a sample draft law on the access to information for west African states

12.15– 13.00


13.00 – 14.00


14.30 – 15.45

small room

Meeting on the Declaration of Table Mountain with those in charge of organisations and medias in West Africa

big room

Adoption of the resolutions, recommendations, and reports of the 2011 FILEP

16.00 – 16.30




official evening ceremony- handing over the Norbert Zongo prize of the journalism of investigation

day 4 /SATURDAY 26 november 2011


Tourism Excursion on the site of the crocodiles of Bazoulé




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